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1. Do we lock ECU/ECM?

Never! We are confident that you'll love our services.

2. How do I sign up for services?

Contact us through our website, message us at our number 315-221-9022, or call us. Please contact us before coming to our location.

3. Are there additional costs outside the initial fee for services?

This depends on several factors. Additional time required past the initial hour will incur the standard rate of $100/hr. If your vehicle requires parts or unlocking your ECU/ECM, there will be additional costs.

4. Will your services void my warranty? Contact your dealer to find out this information. Marshall Automotive LLC will not be held liable for voided warranties.

5. What should I expect to bring?

Bring your prized possession (vehicle) with the following conditions 

- Functional brake system

- No leaks of any fluid

- Proper fluid levels (Coolant/Brake/Oil/Trans etc)

- Tires and Alignment in Decent condition.

- Make sure there is enough fuel to complete the service. 

Fixing any of the following will result in our labor rate with the possibility of denying service. We provide a safe and functional space and must keep it that way to better serve you.

6. Do you have an AWD dyno?

We are using a brand new DC7500 from Dynocom with Eddy brake. This is a 2wd dyno only. AWD would be a future endeavor. The Eddy brake allows us to tune for vehicle under load. It saves time for tuning and able to tune all engine conditions. Which results in faster tuning and more money in your pocket! Who wouldn't want that? (Tuning Coming Soon)

7. What size vehicles can use the dyno?

2wd vehicles 86" in width from outside of tires. A height less than 80" will fit on the dyno. 

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