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            MEET THE TEAM

Marshall Automotive is a small local business. We strive in the pursuit of efficiency, power, and fun. At Marshall Automotive, it brings us immense satisfaction when fellow car enthusiasts get the most of their vehicles. We love our vehicles and you should feel the same experience!

The youngest member of our team is our shop dog Chloe. She loves meeting and greeting new people!


7500 Dynocom 2wd Dynamometer With Eddy Brake

Maximum Torque 7500 ft lbs

Maximum Horsepower 2200+

Maximum Speed 220+ MPH

Maximum Axle Width 86"

Maximum Axle Weight 7500 lbs

Single Drum

Eddy Brake (Controls Load of Dynoed Vehicles)


Timing +/-0.1µS 

Drum Speed +/- 1/1000th MPH

RPM +/- 1/100th

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